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UNC Asheville Personnel Directory


Students may make address changes through their OnePort accounts, or by visiting OneStop Student Services in 011 Ramsey Library. Students may opt out of the directory by filling out the Release of Non-Directory Information (FERPA Release Form) and submitting it to the OneStop office.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff may make corrections to their university address by logging into OnePort then selecting the "Change Office Address" Quick Link under the Employee tab. Enter your username and password, review your current address and phone information, make corrections as needed and click the "submit" button. You should contact Debra Liles ( with questions regarding this process. You should also contact Debra with any change in personal information (i.e., name change, title change, home address/phone change, etc.).

Campus Departmental

Campus Departmental phone number corrections should be referred to Debra Liles (